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Lauren Streit, LCSW

Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Bachelors in Science from Cornell University and her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University.


Lauren is a very compassionate and kind-hearted individual. She has always been committed to helping others and is passionate about working with children. Lauren has honed her clinical skills over the last several years working in special needs schools by providing counseling, social skills instruction, crisis management and parenting support. She is highly experienced in working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, specific learning disabilities, language processing and sensory integration disorders and helps them to develop better emotional regulation, coping strategies, problem-solving abilities, organizational and pragmatic language skills. Lauren has a special interest in providing support to siblings and parents of special needs children as well, as their emotional needs are often overlooked or unable to be prioritized.


Lauren is also experienced in working with neurotypical children and helping them to manage life's complexities, such as navigating social relationships, school stress, family dynamics (including parental separation and adoption issues), decision-making and self-esteem.


Lauren is committed to helping children reach their full potential. She will work closely with the adults in their lives to provide concrete strategies and solutions to help the whole family reach its goals and achieve success.


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