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 Lauren worked with my son, now 12-years old, for 4 years as his counselor at the special needs school he attends and was a constant in his life.  For all those years, Lauren worked very closely with both my son and me. She spent a great deal of time helping me create structure at home as well as incentive plans and reward charts, showed me ways to decrease conflict between us at home (for example, when doing homework), and she was a great resource in finding after-school and summer programs appropriate for my son who has ADHD and language processing delays.   Lauren was my go-to person when I needed guidance and support on how to help my son feel good about himself and learn ways to communicate better with peers.  As a single mother, Lauren was my shoulder to cry on when I felt helpless and unsure about my son’s future.  Through the 4 years she worked with my son, she truly got to know him well and was able to balance both discipline and humor when working with him daily.  She was actually one of the few adults that my son felt comfortable enough with to share his feelings.  I would recommend Lauren to any parent searching for answers and guidance on dealing with their children.          


Lauren Streit is a wonderful resource for my almost-teenage daughter who sees Lauren weekly.  Lauren  provides a safe place for my child to express her thoughts and fears.  Lauren is straight forward and direct, offering  positive reinforcement and questioning when needed, and helps my daughter develop her skill set to deal with the challenges of growing up.  Lauren keeps me in the loop as needed.  I am very grateful to have someone as smart and compassionate as Lauren on our team.  I imagine my daughter will be visiting with Lauren on and off as issues arise during her teen years.  She is a wonderful addition to my child's team.


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